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We, Xtremetuning Motorsport are a Wellington based software engineering firm who specializes to customize the engine maps of vehicles in order to gain more kilowatt, more torque, eliminate all factory lags and improve the fuel economy of the engine.

The 20% performance increase on turbocharged and supercharged engines made remapping (aka chiptuning) services world famous and its low pricing models made these services available for all car enthusiast.
Today, remapping the engine management system is not only available for the high end motorsport industry; it is also available for standard street vehicles such as UTEs, trucks, motorcycles, even more for jet-skis and outboards too. Anything can be remapped that has an Engine Control Unit (ECU). We turn your factory engine into a lot more efficient, effortless internal combustion engine. And this is just the beginning.

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Cars nowadays are controlled by a central computer chip aka Electrical Control Unit (ECU) that is barely repairable or tunable in home garages.



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