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What we do is extracting the factory firmware from the Engine Control Unit (ECU) of your vehicle then we decrypt it and start customising the engine maps based on your requirements. Once we finished with the remapping we repackage it and load it up to your vehicle. You start the engine and you instantly notice that the new code totally changes the characteristic of your vehicle – it saves you fuel, gives you more grunt on low, eliminates all factory lags and pulls all the way through the whole RPM range. And this is just the beginning. The real interesting stuff starts when you ask us to

unleash the beast

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This page meant to help you to get answers to your questions quicker which ultimately speeds up the whole inquiring process.


We all live in a hectic and fastened world. Bearing this in mind our service operations are built to suit your schedule.


Cars nowadays are controlled by a central computer chip aka Electrical Control Unit (ECU) that is barely repairable or tunable in home garages.



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