Why we do not like showing diagrams

Try it and feel the difference!

If you have been researching information about a performance upgrade then you will have heard some garages talking about several different tuning options. You might also have heard that some garages advertise that they prove their results by dyno reports. For clarity, I want to share a story with you.

In 2005 a cab driver visited us and stated that his car originally had 110HP under the bonnet and was recently tuned to 180HP, as proven by a dyno report produced by the dyno tuner. Now this cabbie’s problem was that his niece also owned the same model vehicle. The niece’s car is still set on the factory mapping, however when they went out for a little drag race our cabbie sadly noticed that while he could just win the race he only won by few meters and his car smoked like a squid.

Our cabbie wasn’t happy.

So we offered to re-map his ECU and promised him he would be happy with the result. We set a time, the ECU was removed and re-mapped, then re-fitted. Our cabbie then took his car for a test drive. When he returned he looked very surprised and couldn’t hide his excitement as he commented that his re-mapped car “goes much faster than the ‘old’ one”. Then he asks:

–  So I’ve got at least 200 horses now?

–  No  – we said –  but now you’ve got 140.

The conclusion:

It doesn’t matter what a performance graph you see that’s drawn by a machine. What really matters is what you feel on those roads where you drive every day. Your test will be that hilly road where your car always struggles or that intersection where you never felt safe without an extra boost or simply a drag race with the mates. The point is: you have to feel the difference!

We could also tell you how our performance tuning will modify the ignition timing, turbo pressure, torque limit or the behavior of the ETM, but this wouldn’t give you the answers that you’re after, would it? This is all technical jargon that can easily blind you.

What really matters is the change you notice, where you need it and your personal driving experience in your vehicle that you know well in many different situations and how the performance has changed after us tuning of your vehicle.

In our view a successful performance tuning doesn’t just add an additional 30, 50 or 100 HP that you can see on the dyno report – it has to put a big smile on your face, it has to make you scream, it has to make you leaving your favourite TV series to go for a drive!

Want to know more?

First, we’ll talk with you about what you need and why you feel like you need a tuning. Once we’ve got the requirements, we make a time for your performance tuning. We start by reading your vehicle’s computer map files then analyze these in order to be able to advise you on what we can do for you, and we can also provide you options on performance gains at that time. I know it sounds much more complex than to add an extra 50 HP to your car, but this and only this will make you a satisfied driver!

The bonus: the fact that we don’t like showing dyno diagrams is one thing. If you’d like to receive a ‘before & after’ dyno report as part of the service then, of course we can provide you that, but please note the following:

  • even factory power/torque values that manufacturers’ publish aren’t 100% accurate if measured on dyno
  • most dynamometers have different correction method and correction values, therefore they don’t give you 100% accurate measure
  • different ambient temperature and humidity can also affect accuracy of dyno measure
  • Dyno reporting means additional time and cost (typically $150+GST per dyno run)

Please talk to us about it and we’ll fill you in.