The tuning service aka remapping service is our mainstream service. This is what we specialized in, what we decided to do in this market. These days all vehicles come out from the factory with a software limitation so we have plenty to do.

Diesel Chip and ECU Tuning in Canterbury, Christchurch, Taupo, Wellington

Most sell most of our remaps for an average $1150 +GST, but price depends on what ECU we need to work on. Since there are so many manufacturers and vehicle models it’s impossible to list all of them, at least it would be very inefficient to maintain the list.

Also visit KIWI FAVS, there’s a chance that your model is one of the kiwi favourites so you’ll have a full remap summary including pricing, gains, timing on one sheet.

If your vehicle is not on our shortlist then send us an enquiry and we’ll reply with a full remap summary. Simple as that.