2013 Holden Colorado Ltd

I’d like to thank the guys at Xtremetuning for the installation of a stage 1 performance remapping to my 2013 Holden Colorado Ltd Edition Extreme S.U.V. It’s a 2-wheel drive 6-speed auto. Before the chip, I found the turbo-lag a bit frustrating. Especially from a standing start. Also, when overtaking another vehicle from 80+ kph, the auto would scramble for gears that ran out of boost to soon, as the r.p.m rose above 3500. My concern was that once committed to an over-taking manoeuvre where there is only a small window of time to complete, I just didn’t have the confidence in my vehicle to execute with safety.
But now, with the chip? WOW! The turbo-lag is almost non-existant. Above 3500 rpm, especially in the higher gears, the engine keeps on pulling like a train. This is while going up hill on the Naraunga Gorge Wgtn, with a trailer filled with 550 kg of commercial roller garage door. Then having to brake hard upon realizing the rather high illegal speed incurred. I’m also glad my vehicle has traction control, as the warning light has become frequent part of my daily driving experience. Rather amusing with it off, wet ‘and’ dry. The only down side being my budget restraint on my rear tyres. So, thanks a lot guys at BRNO, Now I need a radar detector.

  • Darren M.
  • Wellington

2014 Ford.Ranger 3.2 PX

“My PX Ranger now haul’s in all the right places. Lag is so much less now! Hope the fuel savings offset the tyre wear now!”

  • David S.
  • Upper Hutt

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2003 Audi RS6 4.2

“Helpfulness and professionalism is something I expect and look for when shopping around… When it comes to my car, my pride and joy! It best be next level. Well I can say that’s exactly what I got. Very helpful and insightful. Very professional and when I had questions, they were answered with full understanding and explanation. Results, WOW! Great throttle response, oodles of torque, and did I mention very fast! Thank you.”

  • Samuel C.
  • Wellington

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2008 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG

“Went to xtremetuning Had problems with my car that other places couldnt help me fix. Dan had it sorted in one day. He also remapped my ECU and the car is running great. Im very happy with the work done. I strongly recommend xtremetuning. Great service. Thanks again.”

  • Glenn T.
  • Paraparaumu

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2011 Toyota Hilux 3.0 D-4D

“By the way I am in love with that truck again you guys made it the truck it should have been. Plus the after service care and follow up was also a sign that you guys are the best by far.”

  • Damon S.
  • Christchurch

2016 Ford Ranger Facelift 3.2 TDCi

“Awesome photos guys. Full credit to Xtremetuning, great guys to deal with! Have owned 3 hiluxs, 1 Colorado, and 3 Rangers, and the new model is an absolute weapon with the extra torque and hp! Cheers guys.”

  • Johnny B.
  • Masterton

2010 Toyota Prado 3.0 1KD

“Couldn’t ask for more. Dan and Bruno remapped my Prado and the power difference and smoothness of gear change is stunning. I had some issues with fuel consumption but the guys continued to work with me without hesitation and never once did I feel that they wouldn’t do everything in their power to sort the issue. Ends up the issue isn’t at all related to the remapping but they even went to the XTREME to diagnose it and I now know the issue is mechanical. Above and beyond guys! Thanks so much. Rick”

  • Ricky E.
  • Christchurch

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2009 Toyota LC200 4.5 D-4D

“The Boys re-maped my work ute (09 Landcruiser V8 flat deck) last week. Very happy with the results, took it on a run yesterday and where I’d normally drop down to 3rd gear in places to climb hill’s, smashed my way up in 5th with the tune and only drop back to 3rd twice on the run and that was to slow down for a couple of tight corners. Very happy with the results, Pull’s like a school boy now!”

  • Shane B.
  • Napier

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2007 Audi S6 5.2 FSi

“Bruno has just re-maped my Audi 2007 S6 Avant and I am very pleased with the extra HP I have gained. The car is a lot more responsive and noticeably quicker with the gear changes also a lot smoother. I have also noticed fuel efficiency has not been compromised and after just driving nearly 1,000km is actually better. I have found the power increase of approx 10% well worth while with over taking a lot quicker and safer – not that the V10 had any real problems ! Highly recommend to all”

  • Bec R.
  • Blenheim

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2005 VW Golf MKV 2.0 GTI

“To be honest, I was a bit disappointed when my GTI first came back.. something seemed to be missing. After a quick text to Dan, the guys came out to my place on a Sunday night and remapped to ECU again with the promise to follow up on Monday with their super extreme remap if that little something still wasn’t there. Super extreme remap, yes please.Needless to say, the GTI’s gone nuts! Someone should tell it it isn’t an R.”

  • Chris P.
  • Wellington

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2016 Ford Ranger PX2 3.2 TDCi

“A huge thanks to Bruno and Dan for literally transforming both our STX Navara 450 and New Ranger 4×4 into amazing performance vehicles. It’s the whole package from wide power bands to super sharp shifts but their best attributes are attention to detail and communication top notch:) I can’t believe you guys extracted that much power from diesels!! Keep up the great work and anybody thinking of doing this DON’T THINK JUST DO IT!! You won’t be disappointed….”

  • Matthew T.
  • Wellington

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2005 Land Rover Disco3 2.7 TDi

“Hey. We have a 2005 LR Disco3 2.7 and a 2011 Ford Transit 2.4 in our business. Both vehicle are turbodiesels and by factory these are so sluggish. We tow a 2 tonne and a 3 tonne food trailer every day and most of the time there’s a queue builds up behind us which is it’s so embarrassing. We got the Xtreme chiptuning guys to remap the V6 Landy first and wow… the difference is huge! It’s a totally different vehicle now, it really feels like a V6 diesel. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear are just unbelievable, the vehicle goes up on hills so effortlessly. After seeing the results on the Landy we wanted to get the Transit done immediately, no questions asked. We had to wait 3 days to get this second tuning done as the boys just couldn’t find us an empty slot – geez, these guys are busy. They found us a spot on the 3rd day, they came onsite, did their magic on fancy laptops in an hour and DONE. Again, can’t believe the difference. Boys, thanks for your work, well worth the money. Prompt comms, quality european service, everything was just is like a dream. Top notch service, five stars. Thanks again.”

  • Tom K.
  • Wellington

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2007 Land Rover Defender 110 TD5

“I had the boys remap my beloved Defender few weekends back and I still get all giddy every time I jump into the truck. The truck is a lot smoother to drive especially transitioning across all gears. Amazing power delivery in 2nd and 3rd -my fav and most surprising improvement. I can take off from stationary that much quicker off the mark and pull out of corners that much smoother. High gears are sweet on motorway with plenty of overtaking juice. The new driving experience feels like thats what the Defenders ought to be…straight out of factory. Totally stoked with the choice to have it remapped and great bunch of guys to get the job done right! I fell in love with the truck all over again.”

  • Richard N.
  • Auckland

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2007 VW Golf MKV 2.0 GTI

“Have had a great couple of days dealing with Brno from Xtremetuning. I contacted him via email in regards to sprucing up my MKV Golf GTI. He has been extremely detailed in his responses to my million questions and always given a very honest and clear explanation. I’ve had the car back for less than 24 hours and each time I’ve jumped behind the wheel I’ve been really impressed with how responsive the throttle is now and the pull generated down low. Looks like I’m asking Santa for a radar for Xmas! Thanks again to Brno and the team.”

  • Steven P.
  • Wellington

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2012 VW Touareg 3.0 TDi

“Thanks HEAPS xtreme team for chiptuning my ’12 VW Touareg TDi, oh boy it’s a totally different machine now. I can’t believe how it takes off even with the boat behind. The second, third and fourth gears are unbelievable, the suv just pulls and pulls without wanting to stop. FINALLY I got the diesel power. I need you to send me a speed radar detector now haha.The current measures shows 2.5 litre drop in fuel as well which I’ll monitor for few more weeks but it certainly looking promising. Good teamwork, fun people and prompt delivery. Couldn’t ask for more.”

  • Peter I.
  • Wellington

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2005 Audi A6 4.2 Quattro

“Just had some “EXTREME” tuning done on my Audi A6 4.2 Quattro by Brno and the team. Unbelievable outcome. Seems like its gone from petrol power to nuclear power!! Great job!!. Definitely recommend these guys, as they were very professional, and explained the technical details of what was going on in a language I can understand. Had some great laughs during the install as well!! (got a bit wet) and Brno can now wind his windows up remotely lol. Awesome!!”

  • Mark G.
  • Wellington

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2007 Mitsubishi Galant 2.0

“Awesome work done by Dan! Had my ecu remapped on my mitsubishi galant 2007..achieved 20% increase in horse power and fuel consumption gone from 10.8km per litre to 12.5. Waiting on my new bmw 335i 2007 twin turbo . Will get it remapped by Dan. Highly recommended! Cheers Craig.”

  • Craig W.
  • Christchurch

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2007 Toyota Hilux 3.0 D-4D

“Brno remapped my 07 diesel Hilux with good results. Much more torque making it easier to engage clutch esp when towing and big increase in acceleration too. Very happy with the result.”

  • Mark E.
  • Nelson

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2009 Kia Sorento 2.5 CRDi

“Had my 2009 Sorento auto remapped yesterday. Immediately noticed the improved acceleration and better gear changes. Towed the caravan today about 30km in both 50km and 100km zones. No doubt the torque is up. Pulled effortlessly right through the range. Don’t know if it’s my imagine but when manually changing the selection seems more positive and quicker. Before they seemed to ride through. Without towing the motor is clearly more willing at higher speeds. Won’t say exactly how high but very happy. Noticed under heavy acceleration the black plume out the back is missing. Will report in on fuel usage in due course. Thanks guys.”

  • Vaughan L.
  • Christchurch

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2008 VW Golf R32

“Just had my mk5 golf R32 worked and loving every minute of it. R32 is already a great car to drive but this made it 100 times better.”

  • Dipak S.
  • Wellington

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2007 Audi Q7 4.2 TDi

“Just had our Audi remapped and can’t believe the difference. Impressive to drive and tow. Really rate the service of xtremetuning for bringing the best out of my car.”

  • Hamish C.
  • Christchurch

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2013 Toyota Hilux 3.0 D-4D

“Just had my 2013 hilux “the beast” done on the weekend. Hard to think that something that seems so simple, and not modifying the car can make such a huge difference.. I’m not exaggerating at all, but it’s a totally different car! Runs smoother, and the pull it has now is quite exciting! Love it! Thanks Brno, lovely guy do deal with”

  • Ian C.
  • New Plymouth

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2010 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG

“Just had my C63 AMG tickled, just as Dan promised it’s even more lethal :)”

  • Richard A.
  • Christchurch

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2010 Toyota Hiace 3.0 D-4D

“Awesome thanks guys. Our 2010 Hiace now has more torque, is smoother to drive and better fuel consumption. It also climbs the hills much better.”

  • Rob S.
  • Palmerston North

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2011 Nissan Navara 2.5 STX

“Bruno remapped my navara 2011 450 last week- big improvement and very professional -cheers boys”

  • Rob H.
  • Taupo

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2010 Nissan Navara 2.5 STX

“Awesome service and great results what more could you ask for. Definitely a happy camper. Keep up the good work team.”

  • Wihi
  • Auckland

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2014 VW Amarok 2.0 twin Turbo HL

“Happy the way my 2014 6spd amarok manual is boosting after remapping. Felt the difference straight away..”

  • Darryl S.
  • Wellington

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2013 Toyota HiAce 3.0 D-4D

“Awesome improvement well worth the money, 2013 HiAce 3L TD very impressed with the change”

  • Ben
  • Paraparaumu

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2012 Toyota Hilux 3.0 D-4D

“Just had my 2012 hilux done, put a 3inch exhaust on first and after the tune a big differnece for sure. Super stocked. Very happy with my Hilux. On the open road it has a lot more up and go…. lots more traction control light haha. Thanks heaps.”

  • Adam W.
  • Christchurch

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2012 VW Amarok 2.0 TDi 120KW

“Had my VW Amarok 6 speed manual remapped yesterday, gotta say was a little skeptical to commit, however Brno was very professional, advised what the process is & what I could expect once complete, extremely happy with the result, more torque, more HP, less turbo lag, very smooth now thru all gears, performs so much better now, highly recommend talking with Brno, great results !”

  • Nigel D.
  • Waitara

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2014 Ford Ranger 3.2 TDCi

“I had my 2014 Ford Ranger Remapped about 8 weeks ago and could not believe the difference. It is like a whole new car. More power in every aspect, smoother through the gears and more economical in town and on the open road. I tow a bit too and it tows even better now than it already did, especially taking off with a heavy load or climbing hills with a heavy load. the last couple of days I have been driving a standard 14 Ranger and it has made me realise just how impressive my car actually is now. the two vehicles were not even comparable. thanks very much for great service and a great result!”

  • Josiah M.
  • Christchurch

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2007 Peugeot 307 XSE HDi

“I recently had my Peugeot 307 done here! Man the difference it made! I only had it for a short time before I got it tuned but sitting it in the first time after the tune was great I did a big trip up to Auckland in it the weekend after I and it was so much better than the last trip! it was so much nicer and smoother! Way better for overtaking! and I noticed about a $40 saving on my Diesel bill! Highly recommended it!”

  • Keegan W.
  • Wellinton

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2008 Mitsubishi Triton 3.2 TDi

“Hey Brno, the Triton is a new truck . No more lag or over revving in the low gears ,it just gets up and goes !! The overall drivability is so much better than before the tune and passing is so much easier and safer. It was great to meet you in Ch-Ch and thanks for the easy friendly service. I hope the family are feeling better ?. Thanks for everything.
Cheers John”

  • John D.
  • Christchurch

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2007 Subaru Impreza 2.0 S-GT

“Got my Subaru Impreza S-GT remapped, no lag, instant throttle response and keeps going on. Good communication, good information on how much power he can add onto vehicle, so the car is in healthy shape, which is now at 290HP. Love it and very happy with the outcome….CHEERS!! Quick and easy service and always keeping you updated.. So come on guys and get @xtreme chiptuning wise….. :-D”

  • Alex M.
  • Porirua

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2011 Audi S4 3.0 TFSI

“Thanks Brno for the remapping. I was after more horse power but it’s all about the torque. The increase pushes you back into the seat and doesn’t give up. I’m very happy with the results. 560N.m Torque and loving it.”

  • Blair S.
  • Wellington

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2006 VW Polo 1.8 GTi

“Great and friendly service and the map took no time at all to load! Had my Polo GTi remapped on Saturday and immediately took her for a drive through the Rimutakas and boy oh boy was it amazing. Torque increase was the most noticeable and the quicker spool from a lower RPM meant the car never struggled at any point. I’ve had several cars remapped but never has the map been so smooth and there are no flat spots, and cold starts go off without a hitch. Really happy with the results and experience thanks to Brno.”

  • Damian L.
  • Tawa

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2004 Mercedes E55 AMG

“A stock E55 is a good car – blew my socks off the first time I drove one ‘in anger’. But now it’s gone from a wolf in sheep’s clothing to a banshee in a wolf suit.
Over the years a few horses had escaped the paddock, so when Brno showed we only had 440hp left I thought well, there you are. Our target was to break the magic 500hp number, and pick up a few more torques along the way.
The car now is almost frightening.
Before Brno got his hands on it, I’d tweaked the exhaust, air intakes, supercharger belts, and some minor bits and pieces. We both researched online, and decided to throw in a supercharger pulley upgrade, to make sure we got 500 across the line. Stock torque is about 700nm, so obviously that was expected to increase.
The final outcome has been epic. 560hp and a touch under 900nm of torque.
She eats hills and spits them out, stretches and asks for more. Lag is almost completely gone, and a car that used to pause a bit before launch now launches even before you’ve finished pressing the accelerator.
This is still a 4 door that’s tractable around town (ok, a little twitchy in parking buildings) and you can burble down to the shops. But show her a motorway on-ramp and time stops while you move from here to there in a heartbeat. Off to the track shortly to explore what flat-out now looks like. We had a few hiccups till it all came together, but it’s been worth the wait – we’ve got the X in Xtremetuning!”

  • Toby B.
  • Wellington

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2013 Range Rover Evoque SD4

“Got to say a huge thank you to Brno. What a star he is. I mucked him around a bit on the timing of getting this done as once I forgot and the second time there was a death in our family but he was always so understanding.

Then when I finally get the tune done, I’m not sure what I was expecting……. having owned some big HP cars (R34 GTR, 996 911 etc) I know what can and can’t be done with a tune, but he did an amazing job. Flattened out the power delivery so it wasn’t so lumpy, more power overall, much better throttle response from the stupid e-throttle setup on this car and most of all dropped the average fuel use from between 10.2-11.0L per 100kms down to less than 8L per 100kms on the first tank through it………………….

Can’t recommend Brno and X-treme Tuning enough….. happy to talk to anyone about my experience or take people for a drive.”

  • Fraser S.
  • Wellington

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2006 Range Rover 4.4P

“Love it! Nice and smooth. Thank you!”

  • Callum C.
  • Pukerua Bay

2007 VW Golf 2.0 GTI

“I Just got my golf gti remapped and its now the weapon it should have been, take off and acceleration is on another level, and it climbs hills effortlessly. The service is quick and professional, attention to detail is second to none. If your thinking about getting you car tuned then stop thinking and get in touch with these guys…. Now!”

  • Adam E.
  • Wellington

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2008 Kia Sorento 2.5 CRDi

“Took it the motorway last night for some max rate testing. Pulls well in 4th and 5th gear torque tests. Quite noticable change in nose attitude when delivering full power.”

  • Tim M.
  • Christchurch

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2014 Mazda BT-50 3.2 TDCi

“Quick and very easy to deal with. Thanks re mapping my ute I would have never known had you not bumped into me and explained what you could offer and now I’m thankful. Definitely drives like a different car and loving increased Hp and Torque.”

  • Daniel I.
  • Wellington

2013 Nissan Navara ST-X 550

“Got my STX-550 Navara done last weekend what a big difference from the stock set up the power and torque is unbelievable it is a totally different ute to drive now on the open road or around town. I would recommend this service to anyone that wants more performance out of there vehicle.”

  • Evan Y.
  • Auckland

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2005 Audi Allroad 2.7 Twin-Turbo

“I’m loving the car, such effortless power now!”

  • Andrew C.
  • Wellington

2013 Mitsubishi Triton 2.5 DID

“Just had the Xtremetuning team deal to my ’13 Triton diesel turbo…….bloody hell its a weapon now! 30 more hp, 100nm more torque, wider power spread, drove to Palmy today-so much more grunt when passing, storms off from starts, never thought a jap diesel could make the heart flutter!! Last vehicle was HSV 4WD V8 Avalanche ute so the Mitsi was a step down in driving pleasure. …until now! Dont think it guys, just do it, its Christmas after all, ya know ya want to!”

  • Dale W.
  • Wellington

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2014 Nissan Navara 2.5 STX

“Fantastic service provided by Brno at Xtremetunign. My 2014 2.5 D40 Navara auto is a completely different machine now. Power from go to woah! and just a pleasure to drive. Mine was the first of the 32bit Navara’s he’s done and the process taken was careful and professional. I’d recommend their services to anyone who wants more from their vehicle.”

  • Tristan N.
  • Wellington

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2003 Audi 4.2 S4

“Very impressed with the Audi’s performance, certainly had a fun ride home on Sunday… Thanks!“

  • Joe T.K.
  • Rotorua

2005 BMW 530d

“Hi man, I’ve been loving the extra grunt! Totally worth the investment eh. Sorry I meant to set up a time for pictures n stuff but I was in Auckland most of last week for a conference.”

  • Rick H.
  • Johnsonville

2003 BMW X5

“To whom it may concern,

 We have contacted Sheldon from First Class European Ltd about a performance upgrade on our company owned BMW X5 SUV and we discussed options with them in details. Our ultimate goal was to achieve the following:

  1. better fuel consumption
  2. deeper engine sound
  3. better performance overall

Since this request didn’t only require modifying parts of the vehicle but it also involved a software upgrade Sheldon brought Xtremetuning Ltd into the project, a team that is specialized in ECU remapping. We knew we are talking to the right guys once we started to see these people consulting with us regularly, paying attention to the details and giving us an affordable STAGE II tuning proposal that included some mechanical modification by First Class European Ltd and an ECU remapping by Xtremetuning Ltd. We accepted the quotation and they started to work…

We have been impressed how these guys can work together to reach the common goal. While one of them was re-building our BMW mechanically the other party put some sugar coating on by syncing the modified hardware components in the ECU map files. It was quite exciting to see how they pulled the vehicle apart and built it up again. Once we got the SUV back we started to use it and we are happy to confirm the following gains:

  • The SUV has a very smooth gear shift after the mods
  • previously we were able to travel from Wellington to Taupo by using 1 tank of fuel. Now we are able to reach Hamiton… BIG difference, it is the best fuel consumption we ever had on this vehicle.
  • Vehicle launches off the mark much quicker. The torque gains is quite noticeable, but it also producing heaps more HP as it runs up the hill and it feels so effortless.
  • Nice exhaust sound, loving it!

 Based on our experience we highly recommend these garages to anyone who’s interested in some serious gains in their vehicles. Thank you Sheldon and Brno!”

  • Ab Tech Music
  • Petone

2014 Nissan Navara 550 V-6 3.0

“Mate, my UTE is awesome, you can say whatever you want on your site. I love driving a diesel UTE , thanks heaps!”

  • Mike
  • Wellington

2002 Citroen C5 3.0 V6

“WOW! Feels good!!!”

“Very professional to deal with. I am very happy with the re-mapping process and I’m enjoying the increased HP increase in torque and smoother power band”

  • Kevin H.
  • Wellington

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2013 Ford Ranger 3.2 TDCi

“Hey Brno, hows things? The ranger must have sorted herself out as its really really cranking now mate. Off the mark, its like a v8 haha. I also took my old mans ranger for a blast. Such a difference it feels more than 90nm.”

  • Cam M.
  • Oamaru

2012 DAF CF85.510 Paccar MX 12.9

“Hi mate. Sorry took so long to reply but been busy. Well I noticed the difference in power straight of the mark on a flat bit of road. It is unreal what we have gained I was able to climb the hills a gear or 2 up on what I normally would be as for the fuel economy I used 50 litres less than I normally would with a heavy load down and light load back. But we will wait till the end of the month to see what the fuel bill is. But so far I am very impressed on what we have achieved on the truck. Cheers, Allan”

  • Allan M.
  • Blenheim

2012 Ford Ranger 3.2 TDCi

“Need any testimonials folks? My Ranger has never been better. My son borrowed at the weekend and was blown away compared to his Mazda Bounty“

  • Maurice T.B.
  • Manganoi

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