Software update

Almost all software need a tweak or a bug fix. When a software developer firm collects a good amount of changes then release a software update. Same applies to your vehicles. Plus, you have 4-5 different computer in your cars such as the Engine Control Unit (ECU), the Transmission Control Unit (TCU), the instrument cluster, the ABS, NAV system and so on. The NAV system constantly receives updates to keep up with the street name changes, but ECU and TCU also have few updates once vehicle leaves the factory.

ECU Chip Software Optimisation in Taupo, Canterbury, Christchurch, Wellington

Normally your dealership provides these updates, but we can also download and install ECU related updates for most of the models. Please contact us first so we can check if there’s any update for your vehicle to start with. It’s relatively complex procedure so please allow 3-4 hours for it.

Cost for a software update or software restore service is $520+GST.