DPF delete

Diesel Particulate Filter – Modern diesel filtration systems have been designed to capture and remove soot from exhaust gases. These filters are so efficient at collecting soot that they have a tendency to clog. The ECU’s protocol is to purge the filter once it reaches 50% full. This is achieved by increasing the exhaust gas temperatures to burn off this excess soot. However, unless the vehicle is driven long distances to achieve this increased heat – most are driven short distances – it cannot clean the filter correctly. Therefore the DPF sensor logs the error in the system and in turn the engine develops inefficient performance due to the fully clogged filter.
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Consequently, due to the DPF not being enabled to clear the clog, you now have to get it replaced and this is rather costly. ECU updating is a method your dealer may do in attempts to remedy the symptoms – unfortunately this usually results in increased turbo-lag, dead spots at low rpms and extended/hanging rev matching during gear shifts. Last ditch effort would be to burn off the DPF in the garage, but in most cases the damage is irreversible – so much so that in some cases the ECU puts the car in “limp home mode” essentially making the car redundant to drive.

Our solutions is DPF related code delete from the ECU firmware.

Cost for passenger cars and light VANs under 3500cc engine size is $1250 +GST.
For other vehicles above 3500cc engine size is $1650 +GST.