The ECU chip tuning company

What is chiptuning or ECU remap mean today in 2018? The best approach is if we take one step back, stop being geeks for a moment and make a statement that these days our engines are controlled by a piece of software: the ECU firmware. If you change the software the vehicle starts performing differently and in most cases that difference means a massive characteristics change as well. It’s that simple. What methods we use to access the engine control maps, how we remap them, what principles and rules we have around remapping are just technicalities that make our life exciting – but at the end of the day what we do is engine management software development and performance tuning. But if a piece of software code can change engine run so effectively then why vehicle manufacturers don’t make all that power available for the vehicle owners? The answer is easy. It's capitalism. Because manufacturers have been planning to sell a model for 30+ countries and those countries have different altitude, humidity, air temperature, fuel quality and more. Imagine the cost of software development for producing 30 different codes for all those countries. Software development is the most expensive part of designing a new model and capitalism says keep costs down. This is why manufacturers chose to make a constant map that performs in all conditions from snow to desert – they chose to limit vehicle’s software so they have to develop only couple of softwares per model and it means massive cost savings. What we do is customizing that factory software based on your requirements, we compile a new code for you that will save you fuel or give you more grunt on low or eliminates all factory lags. And this is just the beginning. The real interesting stuff starts when you asking us to unleash the beast…

Our history and background

The history of Xtremetuning goes back to 2002 when it was first established in Europe. Back in time ECU chiptuning was quite different; tuners had to replace chips on the printed circuit board (PCB), burn EEPROM software and get heavily involved in some other risky stuff that most people wouldn't touch at all. Surviving on that market, developing safe procedures and learn to operate without risk was quite a journey! In the later years the need of developing new communication protocols, drivers and OS for vehicles quickly came up to the top as well so we have been real busy in the past 10 years. Life isn’t all about work and income though hence migrating to NZ slowly but surely became a strong option. Xtremetuning NZ was established in 2012 when Brno thought it’s time to resurrect his European Motorsport Racing workshop here in New Zealand. The start wasn’t easy though. The fact that our market space wasn’t flooded with remapping companies also carried the risk of people not knowing what remapping means. While this challenge seems to be smaller and smaller we still have a long journey ahead of us. And we are looking forward to it.

XTG team


His background is computer software development with a business acumen. His passion is more around building customer relationships, providing service rather than a product, focusing on quality rather than quantity. His main goal is to prove that even car tuning companies can find their space in the 21st century by research & develop the youngest and most complex part of the power-train: the software. He established Xtremetuning here in New Zealand and brought the knowledge of remapping European vehicles with him.


While the rest of the team is busy with unleashing beasts, Dan's mission is to share it all with you: insights, our feelings and experiences with the cars, and the fun of it all. His main front-line is our Facebook page, but he left his footprints all around our website, too. If you have feedback or suggestions about his articles, please email us.


An enthusiast who likes if things work smoothly. He is responsible for the design and the code that makes the homepage run on the web. His background is a web programming, software development and photography. His other love is travelling, occasionally goes tramping in the Himalayas. Also a keen runner with hundreds of kms in his shoes.


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